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Alclad Experiments Part II--results

So we are messing with different enamel and acrylic basecoats under Alclad II's wonderful #107 chrome lacquer. I painted a whole bunch of parts here's what I came up with.

First, the thing that came out best was the control--the extremely heavy coat of enamel gloss black that I put on the transmission. So as per what you may have read, if you want the thing to look the most "chrome like" that seems to be the way to go--at least I couldn't come up with a different base coat that looked better. But the difference was fairly subtle between using this and other colors as basecoats.

Next the pipes. As I think I said in an earlier post, I base coated a pair of exhaust pipes that had been sprayed with Testor's "Plum Crazy" enamel from a rattle can--a dark (almost black) purple with heavy metalflakes. It looked OK, but the heavy black looked a bit better--but only a tiny bit. As you might be able to see from the picture, I had masked off the molded-in…

Experiments with Alclad II chrome

OK, how often do we need to make something look chrome. I have heard you can send it a part you need plated out for the vacforming plating thing but that sounds like a pain. So I started to experiment with Alclad II paints.

You can find out more details about the basics on the web. I won't go into too much detail about how you're "supposed" to do this here....but to start by painting some enamel black paint on these guys then get out the Alclad, put it in your airbrush, and paint in light coats. For chrome, the part "crisps up" after a minute or so and looks reasonably "chromed". The Alclad is supposedly lacquer but nevertheless is OK to spray over enamel--can't quite figure that one out--but I am not a chemist, so there you go.

Well, I messed around with this a bit. One thing I found out is that the Alclad black primer, what the mfgr recommends, isn't as good that good at all as it seemed to cause some ripple in the final l…