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37 Ford Pickup--Fun with "Super Sculpey"

In my research to learn more about the wonderful paints made by Jacquard I found that there is a huge internet culture centered around this stuff called "polymer clay". Apparently artists who buy Jacquard products use it to paint their polymer clay creations.

I haven't read a lot about integrating Sculpey into model car making, but based on how easy it sounded to use, I figure it's being done, and I thought I'd give it a shot.

There are lots of manufacturers out there making polymer clay, but a leader of this burgeoning industry seems to be the folks who make something called "Super Sculpey". That's the product name I kept coming across over and over from people who make jewelry, dance figurines, movie models, military figures and the like.

I bought a hunk from the Polymer Clay Superstore (I liked the name). Super Sculpey comes in a pretty big hunk. Apparently (so far for me anyway) you can store it at room temperature and it won't dry out. It &quo…

37 Ford Pickup: Vette Engine

One of the many things I'm not very good at is building engines so for this project I thought I'd try to learn how to be a bit better.

The engine is out of a 1:24 Revell Kit--57 Vette Basic Builder. I originally wanted to build the "Fuelie" version of the engine but found the detail and casting on the air cleaner to be sufficiently bad to make me think again--doing a really knock-up job would have been a lot of work. Just modifying the air cleaner portion to look good would have been a lot of work. So I ditched it and used the dual-carb setup that's an option for the engine.

First thing I did was buy and use black "The Detailer". The idea was to wash some black into things like the valve covers and intake manifold to add realism. I have tried mixing my own washes but this stuff is a lot better. Dropping a bit of that on the nicely cast screen on the top of the stacks came out really well and was easy. I treated the value covers and manifold to some …

37 Ford Pickup--Son of Kit Bash

After thinking about the 29 Ford project I decided that I probably need to spend more time on each project instead of rushing through. So we are back to the same question: what is it that one tries to get out of a hobby? I think in my case, it's just to keep my hands moving so I don't go crazy. But I also want to make sure at the end of the day that I've made whatever I'm doing as good as I's just my upbringing I guess.

For me, buying the kits is the easiest part. It's a cheap hobby compared to some others! For this build up I'm using four kits, mostly, and I think I paid around $60 for the four--I traded some parts for the Vette kit--that's about what my wife paid for a pair of sailing gloves the other day!!! And Ebay/Internet etc. makes it even easier--heck, I don't even have to get in my car anymore to buy anything.

OK about the kits. The 37 pickup is Revell Monogram 85-7627. It's a stock kit, not a 2 in 1 or whatever, so don'…