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Sixties Era Gasser--55 Chevy--Getting Started

I'm pretty jazzed about Sixties era gassers--I think of them as funny cars before there really were funny cars. After seeing a few at Billet Proof I decided to read more about them and see if I could build something in scale, with the eventual goal being to build this 1:1 (if I ever have the money or the space).

it's a heck of a lot cheaper to buy a few kits then the 1:1 parts....I got two Chevy kits from ModelRoundup, Revell/Monogram's '55 Chevy Bel Air Hardtop 2n1 #85-2069 and AMT/Ertl's 1955 Chevy BelAir Street Machine #31931. The AMT appears to be a reissue of a 55 Chevy kit originally tooled decades ago; the Revell kit has what the hobby mags call "modern tooling". The difference between the two is profound--the Revell kit has significantly better detail, a higher parts count, and generally (to my eyes anyway) shows how model kit manufacturing has improved over the years.

This isn't going to be a "box stock" build (nothing I do ever is) …

What to Build Next--Report from Billetproof

I don't know what's happened to me, but I find myself dreaming of cars at night. Mind you this only started 2 years ago....what happened? What's wrong with me? I am beginning to feel like Richard Dreyfus in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" where he makes a scale model "Alien Mountain" or whatever they call it in movie out of potatoes.

To get my latest custom car fix my brother took me to a local hot rod show called "Billetproof". I had never heard of Billetproof--apparently the folks who put the show on don't advertise a lot. But I was assured it's a great hot rod/rat-rod show; the idea being that no "billet wheels" (ie, super expensive customizing bling a la Chip Foose or Boyd Coddington) are allowed, and all cars have to arrive under their own power.

Just standing at the entrance waiting for friends to show up was a treat! Billetproof is a really BIG show--with hundreds of hot rods on display--there were tons and t…

Old Skool Texas Hot Rod--Finished!!!!

I started the project with pictures like this....

...and ended up with this. It's been a couple of months in the making but the old Skool Texas hot rod is finally done....

I didn't get all the details right--the windshield isn't high enough for instance, and the front lights (mostly scratchbuilt) aren't quite the right shape. But the stance is pretty close, and the overall "feel" of the build matches the spirit of the 1:1 car, I think.

There are lots more little details I could do, but it's time to move on--I find myself rushing on the old skool rod build since I want to move onto other things, so it's a good time to stop.

The license plates were scratch built (like many other things on this model). I used photoshop, since I couldn't find the "State O' Texas": 50's era 1:25 scale license plates anywhere.) I used the "reduce image" feature in Photoshop, which took the 3" original artwork to .375", and worked grea…