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69 Charger Scrapper--New Glues, New Paints

It's been a busy couple of weeks but I still have some time at the bench I'm happy to say. This time I'm continuing to build a scale 69 Charger using scrap parts left over from last month's 69 Vintage Charger 500 Build.

Since I've started up this hobby again I've read about the wonders of using superglue (or "CA glue", or "cyanoacrylate") to bond dissimilar materials together like styrene and craft wiring. But I've not had great results using CA to date. The pictured Pacer ZAP CA glue is what I've used for the past year or so since it's the only brand my local hobby shop carries. Results have been OK for some things: I used ZAP CA and CA accelator to build up the seats of the 32 Texas Old Skool Rod, and the ZAP CA and baking soda to craft the retro floor board for the 55 Chevy Gasser.

However beyond that ZAP CA seemed too runny to be very useful--it's the consistency of water. So for "normal gluing"--engine wiring de…

69 Charger Redeux--Interior

The story so far: to revisit the "scrap box builds" of yesteryear I'm building up a 69 Charger out of left over parts from the 69 Charger 500 Vintage Build and whatever else I have in my parts bin.

As long as I am throwing parts box parts together I figured it might be a good time to experiment with new metal from Hobbylinc I got a few rattle cans of Testor's Metalizer.

As you've seen in other posts I usually use Alclad2 for metalizing, but Testors stuff is popular as well so I figure it's worth a comes in a rattle can which means not having to clean the airbrush every time!

The metalizer line didn't make a lot of sense to me at first--there's buffing, non-buffing, buffing sealers, non buffing sealers....hello? But it's easy. For the buffing varieties, you lay on the paint (no need for gloss black undercoat!) then once dry you "buff" it with a cotton swab to bring out the metal look. Non buffing is even easier: …