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Do It Yourself

The inspiration came from this

Result is

At Lunch

||   Swatch - chinese store  //  Bracelet - cortefiel   ||

Natalia Vodianova & Diddy BY ANNIE LEIBOVITZ vogue us


Lingerie post *


I love low cost!

||   Blazer 5€ from a charity shop  i love low cost!   ||

I love low cost!

||   Bag 3€ in a charity shop  i love low cost!||

71 Roadrunner 1:25th Scale--Polish

From last time: still working on a 1:25 scale 71 Roadrunner. This is a "vintage" kit that hasn't been released in many years, making parts hard to find....

It's time to polish up the body--after applying 4 coats of Future Floor Polish (actually just an acrylic clear sealer) I let things dry for about a week--I've been busy with work and haven't had much time at the bench anyway.....

As I mentioned last time, there are issues where the hood (which doesn't lift or come off) joins the body. From previous builds I know that little problems become big problems after polish and finish are applied....for some reason I thought I could get away with the subtle issues, but no, once again, it wasn't meant to be. The roughness around this part of the hood looks pretty bad, and I have to think about what if anything I am going to do about it--if anything can be done. Stripping and repainting at this point is out of the question. The lesson learned is that prep wor…

Gold with black or black with gold...

||  Pullover - blanco  // Dress (seems to be a skirt) from zara // Tights - H&M // Boots - zara // watch from a chinese store  ||

I love charity shops!

| Dress- 6€ zara in lefties  //  Twin-set- vintage from mom's closet  //  Tights-H&M  //  Belt- 1€ in a charity shop  I love low cost!  |

yeaaahh I love Low cost!

| Moschino belt | 1€
Aiiiii como eu amo low cost!

 Rumi from fashiontoast    

4th and bleeker 

Fashion Wrap                                          

Bleach BlackChictopia

Alexandra from 4th and bleeker Gala Gonzalez from chictopia

71 Roadrunner 1:25th Scale--Body Odor....

I had a pretty relaxing XMAS/New Years but now it's back to work....

I have been building a 1:25th scale 1971 Roadrunner from a vintage (and somewhat hard to find) MPC kit. The hood came off a resin kit whose body I otherwise destroyed and I cast the front bumper, using a NASCAR stock car bumper as the master, since the front bumper/grille that came with the MPC kit didn't look, well, right.

I am feeling I may have overextended myself a bit--this build is turning out to be beyond my skills level. That's the way to improve right? Well, maybe. I am taking a fresh look at my builds and finding little problems everywhere, problems that seem to come up again and again....and so far I don't have good solutions.

At least I am getting better information about what needs to improve....

First up: painting within the lines. I have never been very good at this. For the Roadrunner I figured painting the side lights would be easy but it wasn't in the end; as you see here, I had tro…