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Bought in ebay


Hello! sorry i haven't published my own outfits for a while... I've had so much to do in recent weeks. So... my favourite high-waisted shorts with a tank top from h&m complemented with a low cost blazer and my moshino belt. The bag is from mum's closet. i love the blazer because it has a three quarter sleeve and i find it so much practical for summer. either way I roll the sleeves up. Chocolate cake and green tea in an recent afternoon.


open oxfords  here!

66 Nova--Flame On! Part Two!!

Not being able to get scale pinstripes right has really been bugging me (see my last post) and it's been working in my subconscious. I had a idea, which now seems completely obvious--why not use a masking agent to help with this?

Out comes the bare metal foil, which in addition to using for brightwork, can be used as a high-end masking tape. I threw the mask on one of my "junk box" bodies (a '49 Stock Merc) and carved out some flames using a SHARP #11Xacto. The rest of the body was masked with Tamiya tape. Finally, to keep paint from seeping under mask, I brushed a light coat of Future Floor Polish acrylic clear on the seams.....this is all stuff I've done a few times, nothing new here.

Once this was all done, some Jacquard acrylic was fogged into the flames. Now here's the new part. I got a 000 brush and loaded it up with international orange acrylic paint and carefully painted each mask border. The idea was to get about 2/3rds of the paint onto the mask and …

66 Nova--Flame On!

It's still a bit too cold and misty for painting, so I worked this week on my "flame" technique.

First I needed to be able to draw flames. Earlier attempts looked like crab claws. Maybe a bit of practice is in order.

Tools for the job include a fine tip paint brush, a Sharpie marker, and a single-action Paasche 200 airbrush. I found the Sharpie wouldn't write on plastic or paint unless you lightly sanded it first.

Using the Sharpie I drew flames on some junk box bodies by hand. This is looking a bit crab-claw like; after some practice I got a little better.

Once the shape was drawn in I went over it using paint. Acryic seems to work OK for this. But here's the best thing--using Acrylic, painting details over an enamel or lacquer color coat, it's easy to fix "mistakes" with a q-tip dipped in Windex, since Windex will take off the acrylic but doesn't affect enamel or lacquer color coat below.

Then I filled in the outline with some Jacquard color. Anyt…


Ontem realizou-se mais uma edição do Acrobactic. Um concurso de design de moda que abre o caminho a novos designers e que com o passar dos poucos anos de existência atingiu notoriedade, conquistando rapidamente a oportunidade de marcar presença no Portugal Fashion. O vencedor poderá assim apresentar o seu trabalho na próxima edição do portugal fashion.
Não tive oportunidade de captar os nomes de todos os criadores, por isso vou postar fotografias aleatórias não identificadas.
Acrobactic is a fashion design contest that opens paths for new designers. Over the few years of existence, Acrobactic achieved notoriety, quickly conquering the opportunity to be present at the oporto fashion week ( portugal fashion). The theme of this edition was rurality. The winner of this contest will show their work in portugal fashion.


gotfrecklesvia grosgrainfabulous
Fishtail braid.
I've been amazed about this braid for months and I've tried to do it so many many times! finally today i was able to do it. I like it messy.


fade to black elena vasilieva fashiontoast

Não é uma tendência fresca mas é agora que a começo a sentir nas pessoas. Talvez com a chegada de novos e mais ares europeus com os últimos dias de férias... ou são mesmo os portugueses que os andam a usar. Cativaram todos desde John Lennon até Dwayne Wayne e estiveram adormecidos durante décadas - excluo os devotos habituais como Mary-Kate Olsen. Dizem que resultam melhor em rostos quadrados porque ajudam a suavizar as linhas angulares... 

Is not a fresh trend but now i start to feel it around here... Circular sunnies have captivated everyone from John Lennon to Dwayne Wayne and have been dormant for decades - except the devotees like Mary-Kate Olsen. This sunglasses work best on square faces because they help to soften the strong angular lines ... It's time to embrace round frame!

66 Nova--Experiments with Two Part Polyurethane Clear!!!

One of the toughest things I've grappled with, since coming back to this silly hobby, is how to apply clearcoat to a finished color coat and get professional results. In the old days, we'd just spritz some Testors Enamel Clear over whatever we were working on and hey, we were done. For better or worse, I am setting my sites a bit higher now....

Reading the hobby mags, the clearcoat of choice (for model cars as well as some 1:1 cars) is Two Part Polyurethane. "Two Part" because the paint consists of a clearcoat and hardener--you have to mix the two right before use.

However there's a catch! Polyurethanes are extremely toxic before they have gassed out, especially for folks with lung problems (I have had asthma my entire life, so I would consider myself someone with "lung problems".....)

If I am going to experiment with Two part clear, I'd better be careful!

First thing I did was buy a forced-air system. These are mandatory at pro paint shops, and can c…