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Vandoma como eu te adoro... sabes exactamente o que eu quero.

From a local market.

51 Chevy--Changing the Channel

Having finished my experiments with 2 part clear it's back to some building. I got some AMT 51 Chevy kits on sale from and it's time to build something.

I have found that mock-ups are key and, at least from the perspective of making a hot rod out of this, it needs to ride lower. I didn't end up getting a picture of "Before" I mocked up a lower ride...but it looked like "the Eisenhower family's Chevy" and I don't want that.

So here's "after" lowering. I quickly glued up the chassis frame and front and rear ends, found some tires in the scrap box, and came up with this:

The body is channeled about 8 scale inches--which means: a lot! The 51 kit came with spindles for the front for a "lowered ride" look. I used that, and the stock ride height for the rear.

Nothing is cleaned up yet--there are still ejector pins and mold lines all over the place and other than some primer, no paint has been applied yet. I have …

66 Nova--Finished!

Not much time to build again this month but I did manage to finish the 66 Nova....

The Nova started mostly as an excuse to practice painting more with 2 part Polyurethane Clearcoat.

Again I have found that 2 part clear takes some extra attention to making sure the color coat is smooth--problems with the color coat seem amplified by tqo part polyurethane clear, rather than muted.

Overall a fun build...I had a good time applying the photoetch parts....

I used license plate decals, but just cut the decals out and did not soak them; I glued them to the bumpers with plain old styrene glue. I feel this looks better than other methods I have tried.

And, using brass for the fuel plumbing came out OK....

I have 3 '51 Chevy kits sitting around, that will be next....

Almost fall again!


I wanted so badly some polka dots garment in my wardrobe that I decided to give some utility to a antique romper that didn't fit me (of course it didnt fit me, was a 12-year-old romper!). I suppose it belonged to my sister, many many years ago, since she is older than me. I found it so beautiful that i decided to cut it above the waist line, fill it with a elastic and sew. That's it! The first ones were bought in a new vintage store in Porto, maybe I'll talk about it soon!


This was my outfit of the day. High waisted jeans, tank top from h&m. I bought this blouse in a second hand store, for 1 euro.


I didn't resist to photograph this nice couple from Germany. The girl caught my attention with her perfect bright blazer. By adding different shades of blue, he turns the outfit so perfect, effortless. What a beautiful couple! Photo taken by my friend Sara. She just couldn't drop the canon!


Flat sandals - in second hand store


H&M shirt | High waisted jeans from local store - 2.5€ I like low cost! | Bag - From mum's closet | Forever 21 peep toe wedges | Ring from Joana Caldeira's Jewellery
An outfit for a day with my friends. The day started with pouring rain and ended with a wonderful and hot sun. For this day I chose the high-waist jeans - these jeans are the most comfortable I've ever had, and cheap too! - which I combined with a sleeveless shirt from h&m. The shoes are my favorites of the moment. Besides being beautiful they are so comfortable, more than I would expect. The photos are from my beloved Sara Silva.


Blouse - 2€ | Quilted bag - 1€  in second hand store I like low cost!

Nos últimos dias tenho encontrado coisas muito boas. Tenho imenso para vos mostrar! Com as últimas compras low cost e outras mais "normais" o meu closet começa a ficar mais perto do meu conceito de perfeição. É de mim ou sabe mesmo bem pendurar peças novas no cabide?

. I have been finding really good things recently. I have so much to show you guys! Between low cost purchases and "medium cost purchases" my wardrobe starts to being closer to my concept of perfection. Don't you love when you hang new clothes in your closet?


Quando os vi no forever21 disse a mim mesma para não os comprar porque já tinha comprado o mesmo modelo em preto no ebay. Ainda bem que não resisti, a qualidade não se compara aos anteriores. A napa maleável faz com que entrem no pé como se fossem uma luva. Às vezes vemos uma peça on-line que é linda e quando a recebemos a peça não é assim tão perfeita, mas aqui aconteceu exactamente o contrário. Achava eu que ia receber uns sapatos exactamente iguais aos que comprei no ebay ( e já achava esses lindos ) mas tive uma boa  surpresa. Finalmente as minhas prateleiras de sapatos vão ter algo que não seja preto. Nem parece verdade.
. When I saw theese from Forever21 I told myself not to buy them. I had already bought the same model in black on ebay. Glad I did not resist, the quality is not comparable to previous ones. The fake leather is so soft and maleable.
Sometimes we see a beautiful piece online but when we have it in our hands is not so perfect. This time the opposite happened. I thou…