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Pequenos almoços relaxados, quadros da Paula Bonet, a vandoma...
-- Relaxed breakfasts, Paula Bonet illustrations, local markets...

Vintage Toyota 2000GT--Fast and Clean?

Continuing from last post--still too busy at work, always, having completed a labor intensive project on the East Coast and now, finally, I am back at home for awhile (I hope). Glad it's done, now it's time to get back to things that don't make any the pursuit of silly but fun hobbies.....

Still working on the vintage MPC 1:25 scale Toyota 2000GT. As far as I can tell, this kit is old, was never reissued, and is thus quite rare, which of course means if I lose a part or screw up I can't go buy another kit (easily, anyway).

I have decided on a box-stock build and for this project, I am trying to focus on the ever-elusive "clean build" without spending the next three years pondering and fussing endlessly over every part.

So in that spirit am I building carefully? As always: no!!! Not careful enough anyway....I noticed after painting the chassis that the engine didn't fit as well as it did during test fit, and then realized I put the oil pan on ba…


Top from Zara | Second hand bag

Pelas Fontainhas, Porto



Toyota 2000GT: Paint and Carpets....

I have been out of town but now I'm's July already....still working on a vintage build--MPC Toyota 2000GT....

Since I have so little time to build I need to make the process as efficient as possible. Building has become routine: clean up parts after fully or partially removing them from the sprues, then use alligator clips poked into foam rubber to prime and paint.

When I am done I have a bunch of parts, some painted enamel black, ready for Alclad metalizer. I will spray everything at once. It's much faster than painting part by part as I go.

Getting the interior to look good is always important, but since this is a convertible, doubly so! Good looking carpets make good looking interiors, and scale carpeting remains a challenge for me. A hobby mag recently mentioned using embossing powders to simulate carpeting, so I thought I'd give it a try--I bought some ZING powder online, along with 2 embossing pens.

Initial results were promising. The embossing pen…


Não te esperava tão cedo... nem a menos de metade do preço.