Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Time Out magazine challenged me to create an outfit for less than 30 euros. It couldn't be easier! So I decided to spend only 24.
My cat Gabriela is proud.
If you want to get to know me a little better go buy the magazine and read what Inês Matos Andrade wrote about me.

A Time Out desafiou-me a criar um outfit completo por 30 euros. Eu pensei: isto já está feito. E fiquei-me pelos 24.
A minha gata Gabriela está orgulhosa.
Se quiserem ficar a conhecer-me um pouco melhor comprem a revista e leiam o que a Inês Matos Andrade escreveu sobre mim. 

Obrigada à Inês Matos Andrade e ao Luís Ferraz pelas fotografias!

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Monday, January 30, 2012

72 GTO--Finished--the 50th Birthday Build....

Before the end of 2011 I had the pleasure to visit with my family in my Central Valley (CA.) hometown. And what did we do to pass the time? Build model car kits (of course). As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, model building was a popular pass time growing up, and here I am 35 odd years later, back in the same basement, doing the same thing. It was fun! My younger brother built a really cool (and rare) Lotus Europa kit (I might get some pix of it if he ever finishes). My dad worked on a '53 Mobius Hudson. I built up a Round2 reissue of the MPC 72 GTO.

How did the 72 GTO build go? In spite of having a lot of flash and some really silly issues with parts fit, I got most of it done on my birthday, and then brought it home to finish. It took me about another month from there....adding two-part clear, bare metal foil, some photo etch pieces I had in my parts kit, some parts box decals, and other trim goodies.

The kit was built box-stock except for wheels and tires which came out of the parts box. The stance had to be altered (radically) but that's par for the course. In the end, the MPC 72 GTO has the basic look of the 1:1 car, although things like the side scoops are all wrong, and the engine compartment is a complete disaster. It would have been a huge job to build this up to be a "true to the 1:1 car" so I didn't do it.

It seemed appropriate to make a custom decal of the family portrait taken at the get together and slap that on the hood. I also created a "50 bday" vanity plate using MicroMark custom decal materials.

t was a fun build, that's about it. Nothing wrong with that! This was my first attempt to use two-part clear over decals; I had a bit of bubbling under the large white hood decal, but it's not too noticeable. And yes I put MPC on the side--I loved MPC growing up and I guess I still have a soft spot for their excellent kits!

Paint was decanted Duplicolor green lacquer with some Jacquard Perl-EX blue flakes dumped in. Sanding and polishing was done fast, fast, fast, and you can still see very faint sink marks in the trunk lid. Oh well.

For the interior I used Rust-oleum Vinyl paint. I saw this rattle can at the local auto store and had no idea if it would work on plastic. Yes, it sticks, and it looks great--it looks like real vinyl to me. It comes in different colors and I am going to try more of them. Happy Birthday!


Monday, January 23, 2012


Coat and ankle boots - local store | Sweater - unknown | Pants and bag - zara | chain bracelet - cortefiel; the other one from a local store 

photos by saraserafim

Friday, January 13, 2012



Vintage jacket | Sweater and coat- Zara | Necklace - Primark

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


E para as meninas do Porto que sempre quiseram as Lita do Jeffrey Campbell mas ainda não tiveram coragem de comprar online, aqui fica a boa noticia: estão à venda no centro do Porto, na Rua dos Clérigos.
Eu percorri a montra três vezes, até conseguir fotografar sem ter as funcionárias a dar o ar de sua graça. Detesto essa história de não se poder fotografar montras.
Alguém pensava que chegassem tão "rápido" a uma sapataria comum? Parece que finalmente se lembraram de pesquisar as tendências do calçado... 
Muitas senhoras irão estranhar as linhas robustas do modelo, que não combinam com o resto do stock da loja. Combinando ou não, são muito bem recebidas por cá.  
E pensar que eu namorei um Jeffrey há muitos muitos anos...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Coat - local store | Vest - Luis Buchinho | Sweater - h&m | Leggings - Primark | Tote - Parfois | Booties - Zara

Monday, January 9, 2012


Vintage knit from my dad | Trousers and boots - zara

I found this knit last year and I fell in love with the intertwined wool. This piece is so antique and it remains in perfect condition. I'm always waiting for the perfect sunny+freezing day to use this. It's impossible to wear a jacket over this maxi maxi sweater on a rainy day.
You always get a unique feeling using this special pieces.