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2013 Portland Historic Races

I made it out to the 2013 Portland Historic Races on Sunday and found some fun people, great races, and hot cars.The races were held June 28thto the 30th and the featured theme was the 60thanniversary of the Corvette.
I scored a paddock (the middle of the track) pass from a buddy and was in early to get across the track before warm-ups started.The BMW CCA club was running, for charity, $5 a lap autocross.At 9 AM it was me and about two other cars running around the track with barely a break between laps.It got more popular and more people came as the day wore on and I’m willing to bet they raised a tidy sum for Take Action Inc., which provides food for at need children on the weekend (when they can’t get it at school).I was impressed; what a fun method to raise money for a charity!

I’ll be posting soon about my autocross experience over at

The paddock area is broke down by car clubs, but because I don’t belong to any of them I parked next to the autocross trac…

Car Culture and Events - Big Island Hawaii (Classic Cars, VWs, Trucks, Drag Racing, Autocross and More!)

Taken from Lanihau Website
We recently got to spend a great 9 days on the Big Island of Hawaii; of course the whole time I was trying to pick up on what was going on in terms of car culture.I’d lived in Kona 5 years ago but at the time I was more into building motorcycles than cars.This was an opportunity for me to see if I’d been missing out on a great car culture when I lived here, or if there wasn’t a whole lot going on because of the fabled Hawaiian rust that eats cars, roofs, rebar in concrete and just about anything vaguely resembling processed iron.
I’ve got lots of stories but as some of you may be reading this to find car events on the Big Island, I’ll jump straight to the events and then bring it back around to “talk story” as the Hawaiians put it.
We flew in on Saturday and within a couple hours we stumbled on a car show while driving around downtown Kona.We’d come across the Lanihau Center Cruise Night.

The Lanihau Center Cruise Night has great cars, and is quite the community…