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55 Chevy Badman--Finished--Better Late than Never

Let's face it--in the past few months it seems I have had better (?) things to do than sit at a workbench slaving away at some silly hobby. Like--seeing friends?  Like--earning a living? Hence not many posts.

So for that past several weeks--almost no progress at all on anything that would be salient to this blog.

I did have some extra time last weekend and managed to finish a box-stock build--well, almost-- something my brothers and I built about 100 times when we were kids--the Monogram "Chevy Badman".

Reissued by Revell/Monogram, this was an easy to build kit--not a lot of parts--and fun! I wanted something simple looking and clean, so, no decals, no not-to-scale dump pipes (I stole other pipes from my parts bin) and some very quick trim installation.

I wouldn't say scale building is getting easier, but I do find myself doing the same sort of things over and over--all clear coat is now 2 part polyurethane; every build to date gets a round of bare metal foil, and so on…

The more you know


A Brief History of Vintage Neon Signs with a focus on the Road Signs of Portland Oregon

I commute daily almost 3 hours.  A large portion of that commute is along Route 99 West and often as I've sat stuck behind a row of high performance BMWs driving two miles-an-hour because it's lightly misting I've had a lot of time to enjoy the great looking vintage road signs along Route 99W.  In addition, when my meanderings have found me on the other side of town I've enjoyed what I've seen on Route 99 East (for instance a B-17 mounted over a vintage filling station).  The Route 99 routes run North to South through Oregon and it's apparent they were the motorway before I-5.

I decided to travel the Routes (East and West) and take pictures of the signs to share with others.  I self published a book filled with many of those pictures that you can preview the whole book and purchase here:

Vintage Signage from Portland's Historic Route 99 by Isaiah Cox | Make Your Own Book
If you like the book but think, "Holy crap that's ex…

Major FAIL!

$800,000 piece of clip art will soon be plastered on Colorado-made products, state agency websites, and, inevitably, Nalgene bottles owned by dreadlocked ski instructors.

Christmas is just around the corner

I was looking through my albums tonight and getting ready for the Holidays!  Came across this gem, I am sure you all own this one.